North Carolina new home pricing information

Travars Built Homes range from the $300Ks to $1M. The build cost for a custom home depends on several key elements, such as:


  • Local regulations, impact fees, community covenants

  • Home site slope, topography, driveway

  • Water and sewer sources

Floor plan:

  • Complexity of exterior and roofline

  • Number of windows

  • How big is the kitchen

  • How many and how large of bathrooms

  • How big is the garage

  • How big are the covered porches

Choose your house plan and contact us for pricing information based on your location and customization. Your custom home quote from Travars Built Homes will detail everything. Get started: 

RaleighDurhamChapel HillPittsboroHillsboroughAnother Location in NCI am not building in NC

Build Budget:
250 - 300K300 - 350K350 - 400K400 - 450K450 - 500K500 - 600K600 - 700K700K+