North Carolina new home pricing information

Travars Built Homes builds custom homes from cottages to estates. Build costs depend on:

  • How big and sprawling is the footprint? 

  • How many square feet upstairs versus down?

  • How complex is the exterior and roofline?

  • How big and how many windows?

  • Cabinetry and countertops in the kitchen, bathrooms, mudroom

  • Amount and size of bathrooms

  • Extensiveness of built-ins

  • Garage size

  • Covered porches, screen porches, outdoor living areas

Looking for more guidance for cost effectiveness and customization? Get started here: 

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Build Budget:
350 - 400K400 - 450K450 - 500K500 - 600K600 - 700K700 - 800K800 - 900K900K+