3 Ways to Get a Better Bathroom for Your Guests

3 things to think about when you design your guest suite bathroom in your custom home.

There are 3 different approaches to take to having a bathroom with privacy for your guest bedroom.

  • Approach #1 The bathroom is attached to the guest bedroom, and hallway. This being the least private or non private option.
  • Approach #2 The bathroom is between two bedrooms, also know as a “Jack and Jill” – this being a semi-private option.
  • Approach #3 The bathroom is only accessible through the bedroom – this allows for complete privacy.

Example Of Approach #1 – Bath Shared with Common Areas

One of the most common layouts for a guest suite maximizes usability while minimizing cost, by including a full bath that has access from both the guest bedroom, and from the main areas.

There is a second door from the guest bedroom directly into the bath, so guests have full privacy, but homeowners are spared the expense of an additional private bath.

See more of this modern farmhouse, the Norwich here:

Modern Farmhouse Floor Plan | Pittsboro New Home Builder

Example Of Approach #2  – Jack and Jill Bath

This floor plan illustrates a “jack and jill” bathroom, where two bedrooms share a bathroom. With this layout, a guest would share a bathroom with someone in another bedroom, but would have the ability to close off that bathroom for themselves when it is they use it.

Jack and Jill Floor Plan | Pittsboro New Home Builder

This floor plan, the Blackstone also has a powder room on the main floor, so the designation of this layout would be that the jack and jill bathroom would typically be limited to use by people in those two bedrooms, with semi-private usage.

Example Of Approach #3 – Full, Private Bath

In this layout there is a full bath off of the mudroom and beside the guest bedroom. With a small expansion to the exterior wall of the bathroom we can change the functionality of the space.

Modern Farmhouse Floor Plan | Pittsboro New Home Builder

Take a look at the redline modifications. By expanding the bathroom slightly, it can be accessed en-suite, providing total privacy for the guest suite.

The redline modification at the foyer illustrates how a powder room can be added, to help ensure that privacy with the existence of another bathroom on the main floor.

These three guest bath layouts are some of the most common, but of course there are dozens of variations.

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