Most popular floor plan layouts, finishes, and features for North Carolina new custom homes.

What is a multigenerational home?

Multigenerational homes (sometimes called multi-gen homes, homes with a mother in law suite, or apartment within a home) are designed for families to live together within one single home family dwelling that has an extended guest suite intended for long term stays.

Multigenerational homes are one of the most common reasons why homebuyers choose to build a custom home.

Benefits of a multi-gen home include:

  • Multi-gen homes can spread out the cost of living so that the combined living space is more affordable than having two separate homes. Site costs for one home are less expensive than site costs for two homes, with one clearing, one footing, one septic system, and one foundation. The size of the footprint impacts build costs, so multi-gen homes built with living space on additional floors are typically more cost effective than homes with everyone on one level.
  • Some multigenerational homes have a kitchenette in the secondary living quarters, for increased independence. Other families choose to design a larger kitchen around expanded usage, with elements such as dual ovens, a huge island or even two islands for more prep space, and special arrangements such as a microwave below the counter for easier use and aging-in-place future accessibility. Learn more about making changes to your floor plan, here.
  • Dual master suites give equal prominence to two large bedroom suites with ensuite private bathrooms, big closets and occasionally other private amenities such as a personal sitting area or attached office or laundry room. The location of dual master suites can vary, with the most common arrangements being one on the main floor and one on the second floor, one in the basement, or both on the main floor. Get floor plans with dual master bedrooms, here.
  • Because schedules and lifestyles can vary within shared living arrangements, building in special features that add to privacy is a very good reason to build a custom home, so that you have the opportunity to include features such as sound dampening between walls or from one floor to another. Solid core door options can also lessen sound travel. A private entrance so you can come and go without interrupting the main flow of the house is another way to increase that feeling of having your own space. Depending on the plan and your homesite, you may include an exterior door with a small stoop or porch or another door from the garage to your private hallway.
Multigenerational New Homes

Travars Built Homes can be built in custom home neighborhoods or countryside locations within about an hour of Chapel Hill. We work closely with you to:

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Modern Farmhouse | Chatham County New Homes

How to Modify a Floor Plan

Looking for ways to change your floor planSee 3 examples of how we can modify the Blufton Way, a floor plan by Frank Betz, with some popular floor plan characteristics. Ask us for more information about design-build custom homes in Durham, NC.

Option 1: Looking for ways to open your floor plan? Create a vaulted ceiling in the family room.

How to Modify a Floor Plan | Custom Homes Durham NC
The Bluffton Way floor plan by Frank Betz.

The Bluffton Way is an open floor plan with 2669 sq ft, 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, a main floor master, huge kitchen, and open family room.

The modification you see in the rendition above indicates the possibility of going from a flat 12′ ceiling to a vaulted 18′ ceiling with a open rail overlook.

Adding ceiling beams to the family room vault ceiling can provide even more eye appeal and personality.

Option 2: Need another garage stall for a shop, hobby area, or third car – but don’t want to change the front exterior of your floor plan? Consider a carriage garage.

How to Modify a Floor Plan | Custom Homes Durham NC

The Bluffton Way floor plan by Frank Betz.

What is a Carriage Garage?

A carriage style garage floor plan has a third stall set to the side, apart from the main garage. (Attaching a traditional third stall to the existing garage would push the front elevation out another 10-14 feet.)

Option 3: Need a spacious place to gather? Add a cost effective bonus room, game room, theater, kids playroom, homeschool, or flex room.

How to Modify a Floor Plan | Custom Homes Durham NC
The Bluffton Way floor plan by Frank Betz.

One of the most cost effective ways to add square footage to your floor plan is to eliminate the 2 story great room and add a huge bonus room above it. The ceiling in the great room can still feel spacious – simply add a few steps into the bonus room to keep your 11’+ ceiling height.

Get information about building a custom home with Travars Built Homes – including more ways to modify your plan in Durham, NC.

How to Choose a Floor Plan for Your New Home and Where to Find Them

Ready to choose a floor plan? Make a list of everything you think you want. Divide your list into wants versus needs. For example: Do you need the master bedroom on the first floor? Would you like a large island in the kitchen? Is a multi-gen or first floor guest bedroom with a private bathroom a requirement? No matter what your “must haves/ like to haves” are, we can help you find a plan – and then modify it if you need something different.

There are a lot of online sources for architectural designs and custom floor plans. One of our favorites is Architectural Designs . Here’s an example:

The Search

Architectural Designs makes it easy to search on their site, with handy check boxes and filters on the right hand side of the page, so you can quickly focus on elements you need. They also have lots of photos of completed homes, so you can get a better idea of what the finished product can look like – and get ideas for your own custom choices. Take a look at some end results based on their floor plans at their Client Builds tab. Or you can look at what plans they say are trending to see what what other people are building right now.


This custom floor plan site and others offer plans from lots of architects – you can find just about anything on their sites. Once you have your search narrowed down, you can do pros and cons for your favorites. We’ll help fill in the details, such as what the plan will cost to build on your lot, and why some plans are more cost effective than others. We can make changes, too. Do you really like the layout of one – and the exterior of another? We can modify almost anything. What do homebuyers change most often? Adding a big master shower in place of a tub. Tucking in more pantry space. Adding windows. Expanding the kitchen island. Figuring out where they want to put their mother-in-law. The redlines you see below are changes we made to add more privacy to a guest suite by expanding the bathroom and adding a powder room for everyone else.

Get in touch with the team at Travars Built Homes to learn more about how to modify a floor plan. Request floor plans here. Or start your search by browsing floor plan ideas, here:

3 Ways to Get a Better Bathroom for Your Guests

3 things to think about when you design your guest suite bathroom in your custom home.

There are 3 different approaches to take to having a bathroom with privacy for your guest bedroom.

  • Approach #1 The bathroom is attached to the guest bedroom, and hallway. This being the least private or non private option.
  • Approach #2 The bathroom is between two bedrooms, also know as a “Jack and Jill” – this being a semi-private option.
  • Approach #3 The bathroom is only accessible through the bedroom – this allows for complete privacy.

Example Of Approach #1 – Bath Shared with Common Areas

One of the most common layouts for a guest suite maximizes usability while minimizing cost, by including a full bath that has access from both the guest bedroom, and from the main areas.

There is a second door from the guest bedroom directly into the bath, so guests have full privacy, but homeowners are spared the expense of an additional private bath.

See more of this modern farmhouse, the Norwich here:

Modern Farmhouse Floor Plan | Pittsboro New Home Builder

Example Of Approach #2  – Jack and Jill Bath

This floor plan illustrates a “jack and jill” bathroom, where two bedrooms share a bathroom. With this layout, a guest would share a bathroom with someone in another bedroom, but would have the ability to close off that bathroom for themselves when it is they use it.

Jack and Jill Floor Plan | Pittsboro New Home Builder

This floor plan, the Blackstone also has a powder room on the main floor, so the designation of this layout would be that the jack and jill bathroom would typically be limited to use by people in those two bedrooms, with semi-private usage.

Example Of Approach #3 – Full, Private Bath

In this layout there is a full bath off of the mudroom and beside the guest bedroom. With a small expansion to the exterior wall of the bathroom we can change the functionality of the space.

Modern Farmhouse Floor Plan | Pittsboro New Home Builder

Take a look at the redline modifications. By expanding the bathroom slightly, it can be accessed en-suite, providing total privacy for the guest suite.

The redline modification at the foyer illustrates how a powder room can be added, to help ensure that privacy with the existence of another bathroom on the main floor.

These three guest bath layouts are some of the most common, but of course there are dozens of variations.

Get in touch with the team at Travars Built Homes for more floor plans and details about building a new home in Chapel Hill, Durham, Pittsboro, or another area in central North Carolina. Browse some floor plan ideas, here:

Or ask us how we can modify a plan you love, and get a custom building cost estimate, too.